TRAMA Spartacus e gli altri gladiatori schiavi della casa di Batiato sono in ... Tutti gli episodi Stagione 1 13. He ruins these plans when he kills her father, Albinius. After she helps him escape the ludus, Mira becomes Spartacus' lover, until she comes to realize he would never love her the way she loved him. The Romans | The Rebels. After she is taken by Gannicus and thought to be dead, Glaber begins an affair with Seppia. He gains the support of Crixus and at a party to announce Batiatus' pursuit of political office, Spartacus leads a slave revolt that kills Batiatus and almost all the people in attendance. When Spartacus defeats his opponents, he reluctantly sells Spartacus to the ludus of Batiatus. 1. Episodi, cast e personaggi della stagione 1 di Spartacus. Il giovane Spartacus si ribella ai comandi dell’esercito romano. She eventually falls pregnant and assumes the child is Crixus'. Ilithyia gets her own gladiator-in-training and an attempt is made on Spartacus' life. A Thracian who becomes a gladiator in the ludus of Lentulus Batiatus. Spartacus hosts a series of games in his honor, much like the ones they used to have in the arena, where his strongest people fight the Roman soldiers they've captured. Stagione 2 10. Curiosità. After Varro's death, both Agron and his brother take over as Spartacus' main training partners. Spartacus emerges victorious from the match and becomes the new "Champion", giving Crixus more reason to hate him. Batiatus makes a deal with Spartacus that if he continues to fight for Batiatus, he will find Spartacus' wife for him; however, she is brought to the ludus dying from an apparent attack. Timocles (Tim Eccles) - a Greek slave turned rebel. He fights under Ilithyia, who has him attempt to kill Spartacus in exchange of freedom. A Gaul, he is Batiatus' top gladiator, the lover of Lucretia and the "Champion of Capua". A petty and cowardly woman, Ilithyia escapes during the revolt but unregretfully causes the death of many friends by ordering the doors lockeds to prevent anyone escaping as the rebels go on a murderous rampage through the ludus. Diotimos (Kelson Henderson) - A slave escaped from Sinuessa en Valle and a friend of Sibyl. Viva Bianca Ilithiyia. In a desperate attempt to avoid deportation to the mines, he partially blinds Dagan. Nasir, however, crafts him a shield with a sword attached to it, allowing Agron to participate after all despite being originally ordered not to by Spartacus at first. She has Naevia sold and convinces Batiatus to poison Crixus' food so he will be unable to defeat Spartacus in an exhibition match. La fotografia e gli effetti visivi si ispirano alle note opere grafiche e cinematografiche di Frank Miller, come 300 e Sin City. He wears the severed faces of his killed foes. He artfully organizes the deaths of the other commanders and is given sole command. He later turns on her and begins to rape her. She then commits suicide by falling off a cliff, taking the baby with her. Once the child is born, Lucretia claims it as her and Quintus' son. Please click Learn More if you'd like to read more about how Starz uses cookies. One of Lucretia's house servants, who uses her to seduce Spartacus in order to ensure that he can perform sexually for her friend Licinia; however, Spartacus turns down her advances. Formato Serie TV, Titolo originale Spartacus: Blood and Sand . He is ultimately successful and rejoins Crassus after the surviving rebels flee into the mountains. Although they are somewhat trusted partners at first, he later begins to rape Lucretia and plans for her to become his wife; after Glaber sets him free. Though she and Caesar lie to Crassus about who killed Tiberius, Spartacus inadvertently reveals the truth which she then give to Crassus. His aid proves invaluable in removing Calavius and Solonius. Spartacus Blood and Sand S01E04 The Thing In The Pit. During the battle, Spartacus and Glaber fight once more with Spartacus finally slaying his hated foe by stabbing him through the chest, then ramming his blade down his throat. He takes his slave Kore as a lover and shows her great affection, even asking her to accompany him while he engages Spartacus and is devastated when she joins the rebellion to escape his son. After the rebellion, he sets out to seek information about her whereabouts, and eventually finds her in the deepest mines of Rome, taking her back with him. Il serpente rosso (The Red Serpent) e' l'episodio numero 1 della Stagione 1 della serie televisiva Spartacus. La terza stagione della serie TV Spartacus: sangue e sabbia è scritta da Steven S. DeKnight, Aaron Helbing, Todd Helbing e diretta da Mark Beesley, Jesse Warn. Hours before the final battle, Gannicus finally agrees to become a leader, so that the rebels may have a better chance. Successivo. Spartacus is a set of Starz television series that focuses on the historical figure of Spartacus, a Thracian gladiator who, from 73 to 71 BC, led a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic.Executive producers Steven S. DeKnight and Robert Tapert focused on structuring the events of Spartacus' obscure early life leading to the records of history. 102. IMDB Rating : 8.7/10 from 140,295 members. Spartacus Cast Season 1. spartacus (died c.71 bc), Thracian slave and gladiator. Her interest in the ludus impels her to purchase her own gladiator, Segovax, whom she pressures to kill Spartacus. The work follows the exploits of Spartacus, the leader of the slave uprising against the Romans known as the… Girato in USA, prima visione USA Venerdì 22 Gennaio 2010 su Starz. spartacus (died c.71 bc), Thracian slave and gladiator. Albinius (Kevin J. Wilson). When Glaber neglects her, she plans to dissolve her marriage to Glaber and become Varinius' wife. Nick Tarabay Ashur. He is killed in the Pits. Gannicus returns to Capua during the events of Vengeance after being hired to execute the captured rebels in the arena. They have also received word that some of the rebels who set foot to the mountain before the battle began had been captured or killed by the Romans. An Assyrian and former gladiator. Spartacus comes to live at the ludus and eventually proves himself a skilled gladiator. Spartacus and his followers escape the mountaintop and began bombarding the Roman army with his own siege equipment. Agron and his brother are the first to join Spartacus in his plan to rebel and take back their freedom. Questa stagione di Spartacus è stata promossa con il sottotitolo ... Lista episodi Stagione 1. Yany Vu. Nileus (Steven Gray) - a beast-like Syrian who is among the first of a group put together by Ashur to aid Glaber in his struggle against Spartacus. While harassing Mira about the key, Spartacus scars his face by pushing it into a burning lantern. The episode was written by Steven S. DeKnight and directed by Rick Jacobson. Spartacus is briefly tempted to kill her for all the misery she caused him, but she avoids this by revealing the child she carries is his, not Glaber's. After the rebels are defeated, Crassus forgives her for killing Tiberius as well as earning her forgiveness for not being aware of her suffering, but is forced to have her crucified for aiding the rebellion in the end; much to his sadness. After being forced to kill his best friend Sabinus, he rapes his father's slave lover Kore as revenge and secretly hopes to overthrow his father to take over. La guida alla serie di Starz Spartacus, ideata da Steven S. DeKnight, incentrata sulle gesta del combattente Spartacus, che pagò con il sangue il ricongiungimento alla moglie rapita. Numerius Calavius (Lliam Powell). Instead of dying, Spartacus kills the gladiators sent to kill him, and as a result Spartacus cannot be executed: Glaber would lose faith with the people, as Spartacus has become popular with the crowd. Viva Bianca Ilithiyia. Filming & Production Phrygia, sweetheart to Spartacus: Maria Vinogradova. AUSXIP SPARTACUS: VENGEANCE CAST & CHARACTER INFORMATION. darcyleah1902. 1 week ago. Daniel Feuerriegel Agron. Spartacus is an American television series produced in New Zealand that premiered on Starz on January 22, 2010, and concluded on April 12, 2013. He was married to Vashti Whitfield.He died on September 11, 2011 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Gannicus is then crucified along with thousands of other rebels. He loathes Tiberius and battles him for Crassus attention and favor. Spartacus: Gods of the Arena Season show reviews & Metacritic score: Once young Batiatus finally gets the control of his father's gladiator school, he immediately begins to plot to make a profitable business out of his ludus. In Vengeance, he is tasked by the Senate with ending the rebellion. Brictius (Jason Hassel) - a Gaul slave turned rebel. Despite her loyalty to her husband, she regularly has sex with Crixus. When Gannicus earns his freedom, Crixus becomes the new Champion. Agron and others come to his rescue and take him away before Crassus can finish him, but Spartacus has been mortally wounded, and asks his friends to move on without him. Killed by Crixus in the Pompeii Games. He originally refuses to join in Spartacus' rebellion but the two strike an accord; if Spartacus wins, he will find and free Naevia; if Crixus wins, the rebellion will not happen, but he will kill Batiatus for what he did to Sura. 58:40. He gets drunk and is left behind by his fellow pirates and is therefore not part of their betrayal. Ashur defeats her, but his arrogance overcomes him, and she takes advantage of the opportunity and decapitates him. His machinations cost Barca and Pietros their lives. He becomes aggressively ambitious and a rival with Caesar for Crassus' attention. - USA 2010 . In Gods of the Arena, she poisons Batiatus' father to stop him disowning his son, framing Tullius for the deed. When Tiberius is captured and exchanged for 500 rebels, Kore kills him in a fit of rage. She hates Spartacus for embarrassing her husband and forms a close friendship with Lucretia, frequently visiting the ludus. Neither Gannicus nor Melitta enjoy having to perform for the Romans, and their relationship with each other and Oenomaus becomes strained (though Oenomaus is unaware of what has happened). However, when paired in a match with Spartacus against an unbeaten foe, Theokoles, he is severely wounded, costing him the title. After Crixus discovers his food was drugged, he decides to take part in the rebellion, launching Spartacus into the balcony. Is slain by the army of Crassus during Crixus' attempt to lay siege on Rome. Crixus challenges Ashur to a fight, but Naevia insists on fighting him. Spartacus. ... Bridgerton Cast The Real-Life Partners 2020 Revealed! Starring : Manu Bennett , Lucy Lawless , Peter Mensah Plot : Watch the story of history’s greatest gladiator unfold with graphic violence and explicit sex.This is Spartacus. At a party organised for the Capuan elite, he tricks Dagan into being raped by a Roman, after which even Dagan turns on him. Titus, feeling pressure to mend social and political relationships scarred by Quintus' actions, agrees to sell Gannicus to Tullius. He is nearly killed by Crixus before the gladiator is ambushed from behind by Tiberius in an attempt to steal glory; much to Caesar's anger, and is forced to watch as his adversary is executed. Killed by the Rebels in the battle at Mt Vesuvius. Lucretia, revealing that all along she has been madly set on bringing a child at last to her husband, kills the servants, cuts the baby from her womb and falls over the cliff with it. He is shown to be disturbed by the actions of the rebels after their success and is particularly antagonistic with Crixus and Naevia, who do not trust him. In the slave revolt, he pushes Agron out of the way of an attacking guard and is mortally wounded in his place. Viene accusato di tradimento assieme alla moglie. They then reunite, bonded by vengeance and his ambition to gain power in Rome. Gaia was endowed with beauty and charm. Spartacus is an American television series produced in New Zealand that premiered on Starz on January 22, 2010, and concluded on April 12, 2013. Spartacus Blood and Sand S 1 E05 - Shadow Games. He is rescued by Spartacus, and Gannicus later joins the rebels. When Spartacus offers to trade Ilithyia for weapons and armor, Glaber refuses the deal, essentially condemning his wife. Spartacus FR s01e05. Con Andy Whitfield, John Hannah, Lucy Lawless, Manu Bennett, Nick E. Tarabay. Spartacus, Leader of the Gladiators: Ivan Vasiliev. A captured fugitive who is forced to become a gladiator. She is often seen dressed in stylish robes, wearing a bright red wig and possesses a great amount of jewelry. Eventually, Spartacus finds out and plans vengeance against Batiatus. Originally, she did this reluctantly in order to give Batiatus a child, but she develops genuine feelings for him. A Celt slave who becomes Quintus' first champion, a position left vacant by the grave injury suffered by Gannicus' close friend Oenomaus at the hands of Theokoles. Crixus reveals to a scorned Lucretia that he had never loved her, only Naevia, and shows little care when she claims her unborn child is his. Cossutius (Jason Hood) - a wealthy man who lives outside of Capua and is easily the most depraved character in the entire series. Spartacus, grazie alla sua incredibile prestanza fisica, riesce a sconfiggere ad uno ad uno tutti gli avversari che gli … Spartacus hosts a series of games like the ones he used to fight in, to honor Crixus after his death. Spartacus Season 1 Cast. Despite their previous animosity, she and Ilithyia slowly rekindle their friendship. Kerza (Karlos Drinkwater). Doctore, Gallic gladiator, and trainer of gladiators in Batiatus' ludus. In Blood and Sand, he initially despises Spartacus and believes in the mark of the brotherhood, i.e. Azione , durata 60 min. He led a revolt against Rome in 73, but eventually was defeated by Crassus in 71 and crucified; Spartacus is an 2004 television miniseries directed by Robert Dornhelm and produced by Ted Kurdyla from a … In the opening games for the new arena, he makes it to the primus, where he manages to kill his former comrade. Begrudgingly, sparing him for the purpose of trading him in order to regain 500 of the slaved defeated in battle, she later helps Spartacus prepare for the final battle against Crassus. TRAMA. Crixus understands and they bid goodbye, reaffirming their brotherhood. She is furious when she realizes Crixus is in love with her body slave Naevia. Spartacus. Spartacus loses trust in her when she tries to murder the captured Ilithyia. 44:55. Bohnmichael49. first assistant "a" camera / "b" camera operator / second unit camera operator (33 episodes, 2010-2013) A Sardinian gladiator, killed during the revolt. 44:36. Fimbria (James Michalopoulos) - an imposing Greek who is among the first of a group put together by Ashur to aid Glaber in his struggle against Spartacus. The complete guide by MSN. Her deep feelings for her master are tested when she is raped by his son, Tiberius. He approaches Crassus' army from behind with his own group, distracting him from Spartacus. Nick Tarabay Ashur. He helps her to fight like a warrior, so that she will never be anyone's slave again. 47:33. Official Sites Killed by Gannicus in the battle at Mt Vesuvius. Coincidentally, the shield has a red serpent on it, thus making Sura's prediction about Spartacus falling before the great, red serpent, come true. A Gaul gladiator who admires Crixus and gladly joins the revolt after seeing Crixus launch Spartacus into the balcony. Bohnmichael49. Though she refuses to mention who, Crixus finds out it is Ashur during an exhibition fight between Glaber's soldiers and Spartacus. She is slain during the rebellion. 55:30. Castus (Blessing Mokgohloa) - a pirate in league with Heracleo who falls for Nasir, earning the enmity of Agron. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. In his final moments, Gannicus sees his old friend Oenamaus, and imagines being back in the arena again, with everyone cheering his name. Segovax (Mike Edward). A Capuan merchant of jewels. Andy Whitfield Spartacus (Season 1) Liam McIntyre Spartacus (Season 2) Manu Bennett Crixus. Spartacus: Blood and Sand is the first season of American television series Spartacus, which premiered on Starz on January 22, 2010. Crassus' enduring loyalty for his son drives her to flee and join the rebellion. Abrax (Toby Lawry) - a brutal Celt found at a brothel in Capua who is called on by Ashur to aid Glaber in his struggle against Spartacus. Serves as Tribune in Crassus' army. He is among those captured during their attempt to rescue Naevia from the mines and falls in the arena before Spartacus is able to launch his rescue attempt. A slave who serves as cook for the gladiators at Batiatus' Ludus and later for the Rebels. It originally aired on Starz in the United States on January 22, 2010. 52:56. The lover of Brictius, she shares his ruthless personality against Romans on the battlefield. He rises in the ranks of the ludus, eventually becoming second only to Gannicus. Glaber and Ilithyia then reunite. A Gaul Gladiator. Quintus Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus Batiatus, Learn how and when to remove this template message, explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective, Interview: Steven S. DeKnight and Robert Tapert from Spartacus: Blood And Sand,, Lists of American television series characters, Fictional characters based on real people, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from May 2017, All articles needing additional references, Articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction from May 2017, All articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Licinia, cousin of Marcus Crassus, and Lucretia interrupt, causing Ilithyia to kill Licinia. Agron later becomes the lover of Nasir, a young slave whom he supervised after he was rescued from his fate after Spartacus and the rebels kill his master. Simply click I Accept to agree to the use of all cookies. He is later captured by Spartacus and sentenced to be killed by Naevia. ‘Spartacus” is this year’s most notorious flesh-and-blood series. Spartacus: Blood and Sand: Antonio Te Maioha, Viva Bianca, Lucy Lawless, Katrina Law, Manu Bennett, Jai Courtney, Andy Whitfield, Liam McIntyre He was rescued from the Pits as a young man by Titus Batiatus and in gratitude, pledges his loyalty to the House of Batiatus. Hector (Tim Foley). We use Cookies to provide you with the best user experience. He dies in Agron's arms saying : "This time, it's me who saves you, brother". Killed by Spartacus while trying to defend Glaber. She jealously resents any other attention to Crixus and when Ilithyia requests a private session with him, she tricks Ilithyia into laying with Spartacus and reveals the event to Licinia. Batiatus' wife. He then sold Spartacus' wife Sura to a Syrian slave trader and sentenced Spartacus to death in the arena. He eventually does so, with Naevia, Agron, and many others, and although victory seems near, it is soon discovered they've been led to a trap, and Crixus is eventually beheaded by Tiberius, the son of Marcus Crassus, who leads the army against Spartacus. Seduced by Ilithyia, he orders the death of Varro to please her. The tensions between him and Crixus heat up again when Crixus wishes to take their army to Rome, whereas Spartacus would head up to the mountains. Oenomaus slowly begins to forgive him. 1080p ADDED. Rob Tapert / assistant to producers (33 episodes, 2010-2013), historical consultant (33 episodes, 2010-2013), craft service manager / craft service (33 episodes, 2010-2013), writers assistant / writers production assistant (33 episodes, 2010-2013), insurance broker (33 episodes, 2010-2013), first assistant accountant / payroll accountant (33 episodes, 2010-2013), production accountant (33 episodes, 2010-2013), payroll accountant (30 episodes, 2010-2013), accounts assistant / art department accounts / second assistant accountant (28 episodes, 2010-2013), publicity team / publicist: u.s. (20 episodes, 2010-2012), assistant: Mr. Steven S. DeKnight (23 episodes, 2010-2012), accounts assistant (20 episodes, 2012-2013), assistant production coordinator / production secretary (20 episodes, 2012-2013), production assistant (20 episodes, 2012-2013), writers production assistant (20 episodes, 2012-2013), craft service / craft service assistant (20 episodes, 2012-2013), security supervisor / security officer (20 episodes, 2012-2013), production coordinator (19 episodes, 2010-2013), production assistant / production runner (19 episodes, 2012-2013), assistant to producers (19 episodes, 2012-2013), assistant: Mr. Joshua Donen (18 episodes, 2012-2013), financial accountant / estimator (17 episodes, 2012-2013), behind the scenes (16 episodes, 2010-2012), production coordinator (16 episodes, 2012-2013), second assistant accountant (15 episodes, 2012-2013), production secretary / production assistant (15 episodes, 2012-2013), financing accountant: and audit (13 episodes, 2010), production coordinator (13 episodes, 2010), production assistant / assistant to producer (13 episodes, 2010), assistant production coordinator (13 episodes, 2010), construction safety officer (13 episodes, 2010), production secretary / assistant production coordinator (13 episodes, 2010), assistant to producers (13 episodes, 2010), accounts assistant (13 episodes, 2012-2013), assistant to producers (12 episodes, 2010), set production assistant (12 episodes, 2010), craft service best boy (10 episodes, 2012), executive story editor (10 episodes, 2012), assistant to producers (10 episodes, 2012), production coordinator (10 episodes, 2012), set production assistant / stand-in (10 episodes, 2013), production coordinator (10 episodes, 2013), assistant: Mr. Steven S. DeKnight / assistant: Steven S. DeKnight (10 episodes, 2013), assistant to producers (9 episodes, 2013), set production assistant (8 episodes, 2010), assistant production coordinator (8 episodes, 2012), craft service coordinator (6 episodes, 2013), set production assistant / stand-in (6 episodes, 2013), set production assistant (5 episodes, 2010), assistant horse trainer (5 episodes, 2013), key wrangler / assistant horse trainer (5 episodes, 2013), craft service assistant (4 episodes, 2013), stand-in / set production assistant / production assistant (4 episodes, 2013), first assistant accountant (3 episodes, 2010), assistant: Mr. Joshua Donen (2 episodes, 2012), pre-production coordinator (1 episode, 2010), set production assistant (1 episode, 2010), assistant choreographer (1 episode, 2012). being a gladiator is a huge honor and service to the city. After Batiatus discovers he was the one who lost his key, he is beheaded.

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